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Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2014

ATPCO is the world leader in the distribution of fare and ancillary data for the airline industry. Our purpose and passion is to help airlines lower costs and increase revenues by efficiently getting their fare products to the marketplace.

Our solutions make it easy for an airline to seamlessly reach the entire marketplace, transmitting consistent data to global distribution systems, pricing systems, governments, and related travel organizations. We give airlines choice and control over how they distribute their content.

We are the industry source for fare data, including rules, routings, ancillary services, baggage, taxes,  branded fares and rich content. Our dependable industry standards ensure that content is processed as it was intended, helping the whole industry run more smoothly.

ATPCO currently works with more than 400 airlines and systems worldwide. We hold over 160 million fares with an average of 3.5 million fare changes a day and handle more than 99 percent of the industry’s intermediated fare data.

Regional Main Contact

Name: Mr. Marcos Alsina
Position: Regional Director - Europe, Middle East, Africa
Telephone: +44 208 538 0811
Fax: +44 208 570 5889
Website: www.atpco.net
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