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AACO, AFRAA and IATA Business Technology Forum

From 8 to 08 October 2018
Location: Cairo - Egypt

AACO, AFRAA and IATA Business Technology Forum will be held on the 8th of October 2018, with the support of EgyptAir in Cairo - Egypt, at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski. We have negotiated special rates at the forum’s venue. Therefore, should you wish to stay at the forum’s venue you are kindly requested to fill the reservation form and send it to mohamed.hamdi@kempinski.com copying AACO at btf@aaco.org , AFRAA at btf@afraa.org and IATA at btf@iata.org before 17 September the latest. Please acquaint yourself with the hotel policy of cancellations and no shows.

The airline industry is becoming more data-driven and that is in response to a world with multi-players, multi-source channels, where the customers have the power of choice and demand for transparency of their choices. In a parallel track to satisfying customer demands, the industry is always looking for ways to optimize its processes by seeking new challenges and adopting innovative technologies such as E-Payments, providing airlines with increased transparency and control in the collection of their sales and Blockchain, which will redefine the relationship between multiple players in the industry. On the other hand, and in the era of technology, cybersecurity has become an elevated risk that is among the most pressing issues affecting businesses.

The Business Technology Forum will address the latest trends in technology impacting the airline industry, and will tackle issues related to:

- The Potential of Blockchain Technology
- Big Data Customer Relationship Management
- Retail Distribution
- Mobile as a Multiplier for Distribution
- Managing Disruptions and its Impact on Airline’s Operations
- Cybersecurity: Mitigating the threat, building cyber resilience
- E-Payment


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Sponsorship packages and the benefits associated with each package are granted on a first come/first served basis. Therefore, kindly advise us the soonest, as we will confirm the sponsorship opportunity based on availability of chosen level of sponsorship. Below are our platinum, gold, and silver sponsors:

- Platinum Sponsor: Amadeus

- Gold Sponsor: SITA

- Gold Sponsor: Saudi Airlines Catering

- Silver Sponsor: Plusgrade

- Silver Sponsor: Commercial International Bank

As of now, kindly note that the only available sponsorship category is the bronze. 

We, AACO, AFRAA and IATA, look forward for your participation.

For any inquiries, please contact us on btf@aaco.org

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