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16 January 2012

Optiontown joins the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) as an industry partner



Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2011

Optiontown is bringing a revolution in aviation by converting the model of single ticket sales into revenue managed flight subscription model.  30+ airlines (with annual sales of USD 100 Billion) are now offering Optiontown’s innovative product, Flight Pass. Flight Pass enables customers to lock in a price for multiple trips to a common set of destinations, where the price varies with the flexibility that the customer wishes to ensure (and pay for) like number of trips, eligible passengers, advance booking, travel period, seasonality, etc.


It’s enabling a new business model, Lock-in Customers, Lock-out Competition and ensures guaranteed recurring revenue from subscribers. Based on R&D at MIT, the Flight Pass combines Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (science + math) with personalized economics (consumer psychology + behavioural economics + optionality). It provides a great solution to excessive competition/price wars/fare dumping. Also enables airlines to gain from higher yields, premium offering and enhanced customer loyalty. Some airline partners have already generated 1%+ of their total annual revenues via Flight Pass. It's a light touch plug-n-play implementation. Requires No Capital investment and No IT development from the airline, and can be launched quickly within 4-6 weeks.

British Airways Flight Pass:  www.britishairways.com/flightpass
KLM Flight Pass:  https://klmflightbundle.klm.com/
Air France Flight Pass:  https://lepass.airfrance.fr/
Royal Jordanian Flight Pass:

Air Arabia Flight Pass: https://flightpass.airarabia.com/
Egypt Air Flight Pass: https://egyptair.optiontown.com/

Other products include ancillaries like bags, seats, lounge, ancillary bundles, upgrade, empty seat, price lock, group bookings etc. Fully turnkey, airline branded solutions are offered. Our airline partners include British Airways, Air France, KLM, China Eastern, Royal Jordanian, Oman Air, EgyptAir, Alitalia, Kenya Airways, Air Arabia, flydubai, Vietnam Airlines, etc. Optiontown holds 20 patents and offer 60 innovative products that can yield up to 20% incremental revenues for airlines.

Regional Main Contact

Name: Mr. Anuj Goel
Position: Vice President Sales & Marketing
Telephone: +1-617-207-5554
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