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15 November 2017

Air Arabia selects AFI KLM E&M for CFM56-5B engine support of its A320 fleet

14 November 2017

Kuwait Airways signs GE90 engine support contract with AFI KLM E&M


Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2008

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance: a major multi-product MRO.

AFI KLM E&M offers a comprehensive portfolio of Components & Logistics support for Airbus, Boeing and regional aircraft, GE and CFM engine overhaul, and airframe & modifications services. AFI KLM E&M provides expertise and scale effects based on its support for close to 1500 aircraft worldwide.

Its 14,000 highly-skilled personnel working in world-class facilities leverage more than 80 years of hands-on experience. From one-off repairs to all-in fleet support, AFI KLM E&M meets and surpasses the requirements of today’s highly-competitive civil aviation market.

Adaptiveness® lies at the heart of AFI KLM E&M’s successful offer. The airlines that prefer to outsource all their maintenance activities can access a one-stop-shop approach. AFI KLM E&M can also customize services and maintenance contracts to their very specific requirements.

The AFI KLM E&M Network: is consolidating a strong network of subsidiaries and joint ventures, both for the development of new products and the extension of its geographical presence. These include AMES in Dubai (Aerostructure services), Aerotechnic Industries in Casablanca (A320 Family and Boeing 737 Airframe services), the Florida-based Barfield & Aero Maintenance Group (component support, repair and services, GSTE, distribution), BONUS in Miami (Engine shop, Engine tear-down), AAF SPARES LLC in Miami (component sales & Leasing), Tradewinds in Miami (Engine part sales and leasing), EPCOR in Amsterdam (APU and APU component maintenance), KLM UK Engineering in Norwich (full maintenance of Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and regional fleets), CRMA in Paris (engine repairs), Spairliners in Hamburg (A380 component services),  Max MRO Services in India (component services) and AFI KLM E&M Components China in Shanghai (component services).

A single point of contact and local support is provided by sales offices all over the world. Ultimately, the strength of AFI KLM E&M lies in the extent of its knowledge, flexibility and experience, combined with its worldwide network support.

More information at www.afiklmem.com  and  mobile.afiklmem.com
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Regional Main Contact

Name: Mr. Jean-Michel PICARD
Position: Vice President Sales Middle East & Africa
Telephone: +33-1-74 25 41 88
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