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Business Technology Forum

From 12 to 13 September 2017
Location: Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt

The airline industry is becoming more data-driven and that is in response to a world with multi-players, multi-source channels, where the customers have the power of choice and demand for transparency of their choices. In a parallel track to satisfying customer demands, the industry is always looking for ways to optimize its processes; from the deployments of e-tickets, NDC implementations and now the ONE Order initiative. On the other hand, and in the era of technology, cybersecurity has become an elevated risk that is among the most pressing issues affecting businesses.

The AACO/IATA Business Technology Forum will address the newest trends in technology, its impact on the airline business, how can the airline industry appeal to the next-generation of passengers and improve customer experience and minimize disruption in travel? What are the main benefits of ONE Order for airlines, for third party providers and for travel agencies? And what will ONE Order bring to the end customer? Also with ubiquitous technology, how can the industry respond to the rise of Cyber Threats.

This year's Business Technology Forum will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on 12 & 13 September 2017

Airline representatives from the following areas: Information Technology, IT Security, Commercial, Revenue Management, Distribution, and Passenger Services.
AACO/IATA Industry Partners, specifically partners specialized in IT, Distribution and payment gateways.

Should you wish to view the provisional agenda please click on the following link: BTF Provisional Agenda

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