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AACO Business Technology Forum 2015

From 5 to 06 October 2015
Location: Manama - Bahrain

Empowerment through Mobile Technology

Recent studies have shown that 97% of passengers bring a mobile device when travelling. These devices are a gateway to continuous engagement with the passenger and a chance to customize the passenger experience. Airports and airlines around the world have made significant investments in mobile services. According to the Airline IT Trends Survey for 2015, approaching two thirds or so of airlines now enable passengers to buy tickets, check-in and access flight information via smartphone apps, meanwhile half of the airports worldwide are providing flight information via apps. In the future, mobile passenger services will be a major differentiator between airports and between airlines; hence, airports and airlines will continue to enhance their current mobile offers throughout the whole passenger journey and even when the passenger journey is disrupted.

AACO Business Technology Forum for 2015 will bring together airlines, consultants, social media and mobile technology providers to highlight the prospects of available technology and what the providers have on their development agendas to empower airlines, airports and passengers with mobile technology.


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