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  • Aug 10,2014 - Oct 30,2014
    AVSEC PMC is designed to provide the graduates with permanent access to the global AVSEC e-Professional Community network through a web-based electronic forum managed by ICAO & Concordia University. The AVSEC e Professional Community will have exclusive access to privileged resources with the latest AVSEC updates and thematic forums that will contribute to the professionalization of the AVSEC discipline. Distance eLearning format with a teaching load equivalent to 5 weeks full-time delivered on-line to be compatible with maintaining a full time job Flexible individual study time management combined with e-Classroom advantages The added value of 1-week face-to-face sessions at beginning and end of program
    Aug 12,2014 - Aug 14,2014
    This Train the Trainer course lets you Practice teaching techniques that will make your CRM training effective and motivation for your students. you will review how to prepare a lesson, how to adapt your training delivery for adults learners, and how to evaluate students. throughout the course, you will be asked to present mini lessons, receiving valuable feedback from our experienced instructors and your classmates.
  • Aug 31,2014 - Sep 04,2014
    Sep 01,2014 - Sep 04,2014
  • Oct 13,2014 - Oct 14,2014
    This course is designed to give participants a basic understanding of the structure and content of the new EU/EASA operational Requirements along with the associated documents and is especially tailored for air operator staff participants must possess a general knowledge of Aviation safety regulations, knowledge of the EU OPS/JAR OPS 3 requirements are also advantageous
    Nov 24,2014 - Nov 25,2014
  • Nov 26,2014 - Nov 27,2014
    Mistakes are nature's way of showing you that you're learning. As a manager, you will make mistakes, but you can avoid common managerial errors by knowing where the common pitfalls are. Thomas Edison once said that it takes 10,000 mistakes to find an answer. Here are some traps that new and experienced managers alike can fall victim to.
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